Ojibway Park

Ojibway Park, Sunday April 8, 2018 10:30 AM

This is a descriptive writing assignment that I wrote for my creative writing class.  A description of Ojibway park and the nature centre. new-onc

This place happens to be my absolute favourite place to go and, more importantly, my favourite spot.  Ojibway Park is notorious for its abundance of wildlife and especially birds. Although the park itself is very big and too big to explain in two pages, I will describe one particular spot that is very lovely to spend time at and is a perfect little place to relax.  

Ojibway Park is situated in between Windsor and LaSalle and it is over 600 acres of woods, gardens  and tallgrass. Situated in the beginning of the parkway is the well known Nature Centre. To properly get a good picture on what the Nature Centre looks from the outside, I will try my best to show in great detail the looks of the building.  In dimension and shape-wise, on the left side of the building is a sphere that is attached to a rectangular square on the right side. In style, it is very modern looking. The sphere is lined with rich wood planks that run along it in whole planks.  From left to right, the sphere’s windows get larger in length. The top and bottom are lined with a nice shiny silver metal that is around a foot in width. The rectangular part of the building looks like it is coming out of the sphere in a 3D-like way.  It is neatly stacked with rough and cinder-block grey bricks and has a single large window. Instead of being lined with metal, this part is lined with wooden planks, which is a few more feet thicker than that of the metal. The doors to the building are in between both the shapes and it is just two ordinary glass doors that can be opened by either pushing the doors, or pressing a button.  

Once inside, you will find the circular wooden front desk right in front of you.  Turning to the right, small tables that are made for little kids to draw on are spread out along the room.  Behind the tables are four small, disgusting, rusty coloured lounge chairs that are neatly lined up and overlook a large window which inhabits the whole wall.  Placed on the other side of the window are three long bird feeders, which hang from a single wire that runs across either side of the building. The ground outside is speckled with different shades of grey pebbles that have small pieces of grass sticking out from underneath of them.  About five feet away from the building is a small circular pond that is lined with large dark grey rocks and has a small fountain in the middle. A couple larger rocks are placed on top of each other and a little stream of water pours down from it, strands of algae are stuck on the parts of the rocks where the water hits.  Behind the pond is the very thick wooded area of Ojibway. Several enormous trees are found closest to the pond and within the top peaks of the branches lay the awaiting birds. Small yellow goldfinches dominate the three feeders most of the time, despite their small size and stature. The female downy woodpecker will come and swoop in every once in a while to steal a single sunflower seed.  Red-winged blackbirds sing their strong and beautiful song to one another, while a male cardinal basks in the morning orange sun atop the magenta raspberry bushes. Two squirrels run along the ground searching for straying seeds and the occasional song sparrow hops along doing the same. Despite what types of birds normally feed there, it always seems to surprise me when I see the rare odd one every time.  In this case a red-bellied woodpecker came in unexpectedly and scared the rest of the goldfinches off with his beautiful black and white wings.

Although this is only a small description of the park itself, the little spot to watch birds is one of my favourite places to go and experience the wildlife with the comforts of a good seat.  


… Five Years Later…

Hey everyone!

So looking back I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted anything.  Five years to be exact.  I’m sure people were worried if I had died, but do not be alarmed.  I am back and kicking and hoping to write a lot more and publish drawings and pics and also some blog posts.

Stay tuned for who knows what…

In our waiting, God is working


Remembrance Day

We rememberI made this picture for Remembrance day. Remembrance day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth of Nations member states since the end of the First World War to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.